The Air Policing mission will be conducted by Polish Military Contingent Orlik 2 from March 15th 2008 until June 30th 2008. Polish Air Force provides its personnel and equipment as a 16th rotation of the common allied effort in providing an air defence capability for the Baltic States.
The main part of the Polish Military Contingent Orlik 2, comanded by LTC. Mariusz BIAJGO (41st Tactical Air Squadron Commander), will use a Lituanian Air Force's airport at Siauliai as the Main Operating Base.  Polish Tactical Controllers (Fighter Allocators) will conduct their duties at CRC Karmelava. The alternate air bases for Orlik2 will be: Riga, Vilnius, Kown, Tallin and the Finnish Tampere airports.
The main force of the Polish Military Contingent Orlik 2 is been provided by the 41st Tactical Air Squadron and 22nd Air Base from Malbork. Four Mig-29s, pilots, technicians and other support ground personnel will perform its tasks in permanent combat readiness state. The main national commading authority for Orlik 2 Contingent was handed over  from Polish Air Forces HQ to the Polish Armed Forces Operational Command.
Poland will take over an Air Policing duty from the Royal Norwegian Air Force detachment. The next nation ed to replace Polish Military Contingent in June 30th 2008 will be the Germany.